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Poof ~ Eric Foster's Happytime Hot Springs Boulder Colorado Summer Adventure

Poof ~ Eric Foster's Happytime Hot Springs and Unusual Event Center Boulder Colorado Summer Adventure -


Raised in the extraterrestrial enclave of Spirit Lake, Iowa, as an infant Eric Foster was visited by Osiris the Alien and given a translucent orb containing a vial of the Buddha's tears, Geronimo's bible, Cleopatra's hand mirror, a Niklaus Copernicus telescope lens, the toothpick Teddy Roosevelt chewed charging up San Juan Hill, Leonardo da Vinci's scissors, Vincent Van Gogh's painting trowel, Crazy Horse's moccasins, a box of Christopher Columbus cigars, and a lock of the Minotaur's hair, mythical creatures lacking discernible DNA. Unrecalled how the curios accumulated, Eric remembers the orb they arrived in.


He and his New Atlantean girlfriend Valentina Meraki, Andy the hot springs dog, Eric's nemesis Hardbreath, and Colonel Chemtrail and the Space Force Hot Spots are summering at Happytime Hot Springs and Unusual Event Center where Eric is night desk clerk. Osiris returns Eric's orb, the historical notables mingle, and a trio of travesties befall the planet, Laughing Disease extinguishing humans with their own jovial vocalizations, Glenda the Glacier's rising waters dampening everything, and Marty the Meteor's mashing Earth's potatoes penciled in for season's end. Famed Hollywood director Quentin Quarantino and assistant Clora Quinn arrive for a Happytime documentary. “This will win an Academy Award.”


Labor Day. Marty pierces Earth's gravitational influence, and it's goodbye Happytime hello last open earthly portal, in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. The Minotaur and Teddy Roosevelt smash an alien-FBI roadblock, da Vinci and Van Gogh paint a shortcut the aliens and FBI crash into like Wile E. Coyote chasing Roadrunner, and Colonel Chemtrail's bomb vest thwarts himself and an alien attack, the Happytime gang wrangling safely into outer space.


A perception-provoking defiance of reality with a hundred humorous spins, Poof is one part Eastern mysticism, one part South American anthropomorphism, and one part American gumption. Fans of Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Monty Python,Gilbert & Sullivan,  Kinky Friedman, George Orwell, and Mark Twain will tell friends, a modern Alice in Wonderland parodying current affairs.

Poof ~ Eric Foster's Happytime Hot Springs Boulder Colorado Summer Adventure

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