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 tenderbastard is a songwriter, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, activist, pancake enthusiast.  He and his dog are public intellectuals.

The tenderbastard pledge ~ "I do solemnly swear to be intelligent, kind, helpful, and to have fun as often as possible,"

reflecting our commitment to inspire creative conscientiousness. Sensibly Sustained is tenderbastard's environmental

facet. Unique to the tenderbastard brand, an original musical soundtrack –

Moon Over Mangroves stage-play cast interview with Charlie Lyttle / WNYU - 28 minutes - "One of the most poetic new plays,

as good and profound as anything on Broadway." - Director, Jeff Horn

Previously-published - Blood Money

Upcoming projects - An Upstanding Man, The Adventures of Kikkoman, The Mermaid of Marmot Hollow,

Trash Talk ~ Who Greased the Garbage Guy, and Drunk & Naked on a Bicycle.

Seeking partnerships for tenderbastard moonshine, tenderbastard marijuana, and tenderbastard pinot noir,

pinot grigio, and rose.

Let it be Christmas 4:00 trailer -

do good, be better, have fun - tenderbastard

photo - John Lennon Memorial Central Park New York City


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