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Poof ~ Eric Foster's Happytime Hot Springs and Unusual Event Center Boulder Colorado Summer Adventure


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Recipient of the 2020 Boulder, Colorado Writers Fellowship,

the 2018 Hot Springs Writing Endowment, a 2016 Dawson River

Playwrights Residency, and a 2014 State Press Association Award

pandemic puppet song


happy new weird song


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​the tenderbastard oath - "I do solemnly swear to be kind, helpful, intelligent and to have fun as often as possible."

Moon Over Mangroves WNYU interview


“His writing is like Jack Kerouac and Douglas Adams.”

A Novel Way


There's a fine line between sexiness and absurdity and tenderbastard is determined to find it.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“I have met tenderbastard and find him to be charming and witty. This book review confirms that conviction.”

President Barack Obama

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